Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS)

UNIMAS was the first university to be initiated as part of Wawasan 2020, a national vision where Malaysia will achieve the status of a fully-industrialised and developed nation. As Malaysia’s eighth and Sarawak’s first public university, we started with a modest intake of 118 students in two faculties – now, UNIMAS has 13,521 undergraduate and 1,417 postgraduate students spread across eight faculties.

Located in Sarawak in the island of Borneo, UNIMAS is ideally placed to fully benefit from the many opportunities for research literally in its backyard, with challenges of geography and geology as well as the diversity of biology and ethnicity. Through its ultra-modern campus, UNIMAS is making strong progress towards becoming a significant centre of higher learning and research in the academic world.

UNIMAS is a university committed to being contemporary in character and forward looking in developing its education system. The university employs innovative approaches to the teaching-learning process, and offers academic programmes which cater to the demands of the market. UNIMAS students are trained to be proficient in their respective disciplines through the core courses. A curriculum based on the concept of total development of the individual moulds students to be all-rounded individuals. UNIMAS graduates are able to cope not only in the existing workplace of today, but also in the newly emerging work environments of the future.

Intake dates for admission are as follows:

Main Semesters
Documents by Semester Semester Begins
1 April 1st September
15 September 2nd February



The following table shows the programs and tuition fees for all academic courses:

Academic Programs – UNIMAS
Course Yrs of Study Tuition /Year
   Faculty of Social Sciences
 Industrial Relations and Labour Studies  3  9200
 International Studies  3 9200
 Development Planning and Management  3 9200
Social Work Studies 3 9200
Politics and Government Studies 3 9200
 Anthropology and Sociology  3 9200
    Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts
 Music  3  9200
 Fine Arts 3 9200
Design Technology 3 9200
 Arts Management 3 9200
 Cinematography 3 9200
 Drama and Theatre 3 9200
    Faculty of Language Studies and Communication Studies
 Communication Studies  3  9200
Faculty of Economics and Business
International Economics 3  10200
Marketing 3  10200
Finance 3 10200
Service Economics 3 10200
 Business Economics 3 10200
 Corporate Management 3 10200
    Faculty of Resource Science and Technology 
 Aquatic Resource Science & Management  3  10200
Animal Resource Science & Management 3 10200
Plant Resource Science & Management 3 10200
 Resource Chemistry  3 10200
Resource Biotechnology 3 10200
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Multimedia Computing 4  10100
Software Engineering 4 10100
Network Computing 4 10100
Information Systems 4 10100
Computational Science 4 10100
Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development
Human Resource Development 3  10200
Cognitive Science 3 10200
Counseling 4 10100
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Nursing 4  10100
Faculty of Engineering
Civil Engineering 4  12100
Electronic Engineering (Telecommunications) 4 12100
Electronic Engineering (Computer) 4 12100
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 4 12100
Chemical Engineering 4 12100
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 4 12100
Corporate Master of Business Administration (CMBA)  2  16000
 Master of Advanced Information Technology (MAIT)  2  13000
 Master of Environmental Science (Land Use & Water Resource Management) SLUSE-FRST  2  13000
 Master of Environmental Management (Development Planning) SLUSE-FSS   2  13000
 Master of Science in Human Resource Development (HRD)  2  15000
Master of Science (Learning Sciences)  2  12500
Master of Public Health (MPH)  1  15100
 Master of Engineering (Civil)  2  16000
 Master of Orthopaedic Surgery  2  34000
 Master of Engineering (Communication System)  2 17000
 Master of Science (Counselling)  2 14000
 Master of Sciences and Technology  2  6200
 Master of Technical  2 6000
 Master of Professional and Arts  2 5000
 PHD of Sciences and Technology  3  7300
 PHD of Technical  3  6900
PHD of Professional and Arts  3  5700
Doctor of Public Health (coursework) 3 13500

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