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SEGi University & Colleges (SEGi) is a private tertiary institution located in Kota Damansara, Selangor. SEGi is one of the largest private higher education providers in Malaysia. Previously, it was known as SEGi University College until 2012, when the Ministry of Education announced its upgrade to university status. SEGi has a total of 5 campuses, which are located in UEP Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Sarawak. SEGi is a recipient of various accolades including the bronze trophy in the Education and Learning category at the Putra Brand Awards 2016. The university is also the first higher learning institution to work together with MIDA, to provide advisory services on human resources development needs by having SEGi to develop academic programmes that meet the industry expectations. SEGi’s flagship campus strategically located in Kota Damansara, houses several faculties including Business, Technology and Innovation, Creative Arts and Design, and Dentistry. The newly built Kota Damansara MRT Station is within the institution’s doorstep, providing easy access to students from various parts of Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur.

The campus has various facilities including an academic library and swimming pool. It can accommodate up to 12,000 students at any one time. An extension building known a SEGi Tower is located a few hundred metres away to accommodate an additional 6,000 students.

Other Campuses


SEGi College Subang Jaya

SEGi College Subang Jaya first opened its door in January 2006. This 12-storey campus is equipped with a wide range of facilities to provide a comprehensive learning experience particularly for those who are studying in music and early childhood education programmes. It can accommodate up to 6,500 students. SEGians from this campus have free access to sports facilities at the 3K Sports Complex located opposite the main building.


SEGi College Kuala Lumpur

This campus opened its door since 1977 and throughout the years, it has expanded from just one building to five buildings within this vicinity. Currently, the college has approximately 4,000 students studying on a full-time or part-time basis.


SEGi College Penang

SEGi College Penang serves as SEGi’s education hub to students in the northern region of Malaysia. The campus is located in Green Hall. The campus offers a wide range of programmes at different levels in the fields of business, accounting, human resources, early childhood education, mass communication, information technology, hotel management and tourism.

SEGi College Sarawak

SEGi College Sarawak was established to offer quality education and training to prepare school leavers for the job market. Strategically located in the capital city, Kuching, it is one of the largest private colleges in East Malaysia. This is the only campus which offers law programmes at diploma and bachelor’s degree level.

Intake dates for admission are as follows:


Main Semesters
Documents by Semester Program
30 October January  Diploma & Bachelor
30 March June
30 June September
15 October January Master & PHD
15 February May
15 June  September


The following table shows the programs and tuition fees for all academic courses:


Academic Programs – SEGI
Course Yrs of Study Tuition /Year
Foundation in  Science 1 26500
Foundation in commerce 1 24150
Foundation in Arts   1 24150
Diploma in Information Techonology 3 15000
Diploma in Early Childhood Education 3 13300
Diploma in Mass Communication 3 15800
Diploma in Hotel Management 3 15800
Diploma in Culinary Art 3 17000
Diploma in Business administration 3 15000
Diploma in Marketing 3 15000
Diploma in Accountancy 3 15000
Faculty Of Engineering and Built Environment
BEng  Chemical Engineering 4  21400
BEng Mechanical Engineering 4 21700 
BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering 4 21700 
Bachelor of Engineering Automotive Engineering 3  21700 
Bachelor of Environmental Technology 3  21700 
Bachelor of Automotive Engineering 3 21700  
BEng Civil Engineering 4 22400 
BSc  Quantity Surveying 3 21200 
Bachelor of business administration 4 19500
BA in Business & Management 3  21600
Bachelor of Business Management in General Management 3  21600
Bachelor of Business Management in Financial Management 3  21600
Bachelor of Business Management in Marketing Management 3  21600
Bachelor of Business Management  in Human Resource Managemen 3  21600
BA Business and Marketing Management 3 21600 
BA  Business and Human Resource Management 3 21600 
BA  Human Resource Management 3  21600
BA Business Psychology 3 21600 
BA  Accounting & Finance 3 21600 
BA  Accounting and Financial Management 3  21600
BSc  Economics with Banking 3  21600
BA Marketing 3 21600 
BA (Hons) Business and Marketing Management 3 21600 
Bachelor of Arts Business 3  21600
Bachelor of Accounting 3.5 20100 
Faculty of Technology and Innovation
Bachelor of Information Technology 3 21600 
Bachelor of Information Technology – Dual Degree Awarded 3 24300
BSc  Computing 3 21600 
Bsc in Computer System and Networking 3 21600 
Bsc Computing with Digital Media 3 21600 
Faculty of Creative Arts & Design
BA Multimedia Design 3 22700 
BA Visual Communication Design 3 22700 
BA Music Studies  3 – 
BA in Interior Architecture 3.5 21100 
Faculty of Communication Studies
Bachelor of Communication 3 22300 
Bachelor of Mass Communication 3 22300 
Bachelor of Mass Communication( Dual Degree Awarded ) 3 25600
Bachelor of Corporate Communication 3 20700 
Bachelor of Communication & New Media 3  20700
Bachelor of English and Public Relations 3 20700 
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism
Bachelor of Hospitality Management 3 21600 
BSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management 3  22600
Faculty of Health Science
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) 5 70400 
Bachelor of Pharmacy 4 35200 
Bachelor of Optometry 4 27500 
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 5 70000 
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering 4 24200
Faculty of Allied Health Sciecne
Bachelor of Science in Professional practice in nursing 3 – 
Faculty of Education
Bachelor of Education 3 22500 
Bachelor of Education – PRIMARY TESL EDUCATION 4 24000
Bachelor of Science in Psychology 4.5 17300 
BA in Early Years Education 3 22500 
Faculty of Law
Bachelor of Laws 3 – 
Master of Business Administration (Global Business) 2 22300  
Master of Business Administration (General Management) 2 22300  
Master of Business Administration (Entrepreneurship) 2 22300  
Master of Business Administration ( Finance ) 1 48100
Master of Business Administration ( Marketing ) 1 48100
Master of Business Administration ( Human resource Management ) 1 48100
Master of Business Administration ( Hospitality Management ) 1 48100
Master of professional Accountancy  1 48100
MSc Information Systems Management 2  22000
Master in Financial Planning 2 22300 
Master of Science in Engineering Management 2 22000 
Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering  2 22000 
MSc in Engineering by Research 2  23300
MSc in Management by Research 2 22000 
Master of Education by Research 2 19300 
MSc (Information Technology) by Research 2 19300 
Master of Science in Vision Science by Research 2 23300 
MA International Business 2  23300
MA in Corporate Communication 1.5 24600
PhD in Management 3 18200 
PhD In Engineering 3 21000 
PhD in Environmental Science 3  21000
PhD in Information Technology 3 14800 
PhD in Education 3  21000
Doctor of Business Administrator ( DBA ) 3 21500 

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