Reasonable Cost of Living

Malaysia Cost of Living

Aside from affordable tuition fees, another great reason to study in Malaysia is the relatively low cost of living. Kuala Lumpur has been ranked one of the least expensive cities in the world to live in. Whether you choose to live on campus or off-campus, you will find that it is quite possible to live very comfortably within a budget of USD 5,000 per year. To give you an indication, here’s a breakdown of living costs for students in Malaysia:

Personal Expanses

This would very much depend on your personal lifestyle. Your cost for toiletries, grooming, occasional movie or social outing and other necessities can start from as low as USD50 per month.


Where you live as a foreign student in Malaysia will depend on your accommodation budget: like everywhere else, the higher the budget, the better the lodging! Most universities and colleges will assist their students in finding adequate accommodation within a convenient distance.


You can have an immensely satisfying meal at a shop for just USD1.50, while three square meals can be enjoyed for under USD5 per day. So, if you’re prudent, your food bill for a month can be covered within USD200.

Phone Bills

Your costs in this area would depend on your usage charges and could be anything from USD10 onwards.

Public Transport

Students who stay on or near campus may not incur any travel costs going to and from classes. However, other travel costs could come up to USD15 per month.


The cost of washing and ironing your clothes can be from as low as USD20 per month if you lead a normal student lifestyle.

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